Mill chute level transducers

DCL 6/10 Digital Mill Chute Level Transducer

We have been supplying mill chute level transmitter since 1995 with our 6 electrode MCL-II being sold into many locations worldwide. This unit was update to a digital version DCL6/10 in 2016 to improve reliability and functionality by making use of the latest technology.

The system uses 6 or 10 electrodes (user selectable) to sense the height of prepared sugar cane in mill chutes. Each electrode input is individually adjustable for optimum sensitivity and discrimination between the covered and uncovered conditions.

Unlike many component systems on the market, the DCL6/10 is specifically designed for sugar mill chute level indication and transmits a 4 to 20mA signal for connection to control systems. It is extremely simple to set up and commission, with the whole commissioning process often being completed within 15 minutes. Once set up little if any further adjustment is required. The DCL6/10 units have proved to be extremely reliable in service. Once a client has commissioned their first unit they often reorder for other mills in their organisation because of the superior performance and reliability in service.


Click here to Download DCL6/10 Specification sheet