Radio Frequency Probes for Batch & Continuous Vacuum Pans

Simplex Standard RF Probes


Simplex Self Cleaning RF Probe

The Simplex Self-cleaning RF probe is based on our Simplex AIO (transducer is built in to the probe) RF probe. The probe is mounted in the CVP using the built in 4 bolt flange that installs on the CVP using the original 4 bolt welded in mounting pad. The probe includes ‘O’ ring seals so that no mounting gasket is required.

The probe can be supplied complete with a mounting kit which includes ½” BSP isolating valves, check valve, strainer, and a 3m length of flexible hose rated to 23bar at 100°C complete with all necessary fittings.

For installation on a CVP we recommend that the hot water supply be teed from the hot water line at the cell feeding point before the feeding control valve. This will provide a convenient location close to each probe.

All that is required for automatic cleaning is to add 1 off ½” BSP solenoid operated valve per probe and install in line as close as possible to the probe connection.




AIOSS short screwed RF probe (experimental)